Mahi Mahi … a new “Flay Fav” for Mimi


As you know, I am  “Flay – Fanatic”, always trying his recipes.  This tirado de mahi mahi is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten so it’s going on my “Flay-favs” list.  Here’s the recipe:  Mahi Mahi.

With apologies to my friend Kat who owns SlimGenics  and knows a thing or two about a nutrition, I served this with red beans and rice.  (She advised me to avoid white rice and switch to brown.)




The Divas dish on Mimi’s dish.     Mimi:  The only change I made to this recipe is that I cooked 1 pound of mahi mahi because it was just for me and my husband.  Other than that I followed the recipe to the letter.  I wasn’t sure about marinating cooked fish or serving it at room temperature but, really, who am I to question Bobby Flay?  Also, the avocado, mango salsa?  You can’t save the leftovers.  The avocado turns brown and mushy — yuck!  Sue:  Mimi cracks me up when she gets going on her Bobby Flay kick.  If she ever met him, I bet she’d faint.  She is right though, his food is delicious.  This would be a great meal to cook this summer for my family.  I could serve it with my Confetti Rice (click here) . Since I will serve it at room temperature, we can hang out having drinks and chips and salsa before.  We love a party!