Mahi Mahi … a new “Flay Fav” for Mimi


As you know, I am  “Flay – Fanatic”, always trying his recipes.  This tirado de mahi mahi is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten so it’s going on my “Flay-favs” list.  Here’s the recipe:  Mahi Mahi.

With apologies to my friend Kat who owns SlimGenics  and knows a thing or two about a nutrition, I served this with red beans and rice.  (She advised me to avoid white rice and switch to brown.)




The Divas dish on Mimi’s dish.     Mimi:  The only change I made to this recipe is that I cooked 1 pound of mahi mahi because it was just for me and my husband.  Other than that I followed the recipe to the letter.  I wasn’t sure about marinating cooked fish or serving it at room temperature but, really, who am I to question Bobby Flay?  Also, the avocado, mango salsa?  You can’t save the leftovers.  The avocado turns brown and mushy — yuck!  Sue:  Mimi cracks me up when she gets going on her Bobby Flay kick.  If she ever met him, I bet she’d faint.  She is right though, his food is delicious.  This would be a great meal to cook this summer for my family.  I could serve it with my Confetti Rice (click here) . Since I will serve it at room temperature, we can hang out having drinks and chips and salsa before.  We love a party!


Roast Pork Tenderloin with Carrot Romesco

From Bon Appetit Magazine April 2014

From Bon Appetit Magazine April 2014


Thanks to Bobby Flay (remember I’m a Flay-fanatic) I finally learned how to properly brown meat, which is essential to the presentation of this dish  As you can also see, the carrot romesco takes center stage.  Take the time to make this meal and you won’t regret it!!!

and a Diva Dishes.  This is a meal that you would be really proud to serve dinner guests.  Even “romesco” sounds elegant and European.  Pop open the cava and treat your guests to one hell of a meal!