Stir-fry with beef (instead of lamb) by Mimi

Adapted from bon appétit magazine March 2014

Adapted from bon appétit magazine March 2014

Like I said, not a big fan of lamb, so I made this recipe with a tri-tip steak.  Wow was this a  delicious meal!  It is going into my list of easy, delicious go to meals when I just gotta have beef.

…and a Diva Dishes.  Like I always say there are no rules in cooking!  If you find an ingredient in a recipe you’re not crazy about, change it for something you like.  Trying new things is part of the fun and maybe it will turn out great like Mimi’s did. 

Short Rib Pot Pie by Mimi

Find the recipe in bon appetit magazine March 2014

Find the recipe in bon appetit magazine March 2014

The published recipe calls for boneless short ribs — delicious (and expensive)!  I made it with the ribs on my first try.  Unfortunately, I didn’t follow my first instinct and make my mother’s pie crust that I have made a thousand times.  I must have done something wrong because the crust basically fell apart.  Undaunted, I made the recipe a second time with my mother’s pie crust and beef chuck roast (much less expensive)!  It was equally delicious and tender.  Surprisingly, I preferred the chuck roast over the short ribs.    

…and a Diva Dishes.  This recipe is not for the faint of heart.  You are basically making a pot roast and then a pie crust and then baking it.  That takes time and patience so you need to be in the mood to really cook.  The end result though is beautiful.

Slow-roasted pork shoulder with mustard and sage by Mimi

Find the recipe in bon appétit March 2014

Find the recipe in bon appétit March 2014

This recipe is a snap!!  Slather the pork shoulder with the wet rub, pop it in the oven and just let it cook.  You can check it every hour to see if it needs to be basted — but it’s self basting from the fat.  I love this meal — it is so good my husband and I stood in the kitchen pulling the pork from the roast the minute it came out of the oven.  The good news is we ate it for two nights.  The second night I mixed it with store bought barbecue sauce and made sliders with cole slaw — super diva-licious!!

and a Diva Dishes.  This is a meal that feeds a lot of people, it’s easy and inexpensive.  And while the house is smelling fantastic you can be drinking wine and having appetizers with your friends.  How great is that?

Lamb stir-fry with pomegranate and yogurt by Sue

Find the recipe in March 2014

Find the recipe in bon appétit magazine March 2014

I substituted pan seared loin lamb chops for the boneless leg of lamb because that’s what my family prefers.  To marinate the lamb, I used the herbs as a dry rub and  then dipped the chops into the oil and vinegar before putting them into a hot pan to sear them.  In a separate skillet I prepared the onions.  Slightly different but  but still great flavor and a great recipe.

…and a Diva Dishes.  This dish looks really yummy.  I’m not a lamb fan so, I’ll try this with beef.  Stay tuned!

Herbed Faux-tisserie Chicken and Potatoes by Sue

It’s Buck Hill Falls and 2 degrees at 9 in the morning.  High for the day 15!!  This was the perfect day to stay in and cook.   Granddaughter Kelly ice skated all day with her dad while her sister Leslie went to the indoor pool and hot tub with her mom.


Get this recipe from bon appetit magazine March 2014!

Here’s a few tips.  Give yourself plenty of time to get the herbs ready for the chicken — it takes time and patience.  I found the recipe for the rub to be on the salty side.  Instead of a full tablespoon, I’d start with 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt.  There really weren’t enough pan drippings to baste my chicken.  So, I used  extra virgin olive oil during the first two hours.  At 2 1/2 hours, I raised the temperature 75 degrees and I basted the chicken with melted butter.  The result was beautiful brown crispy skin  and golden brown potatoes.   We all love garlic and while we were carving the chicken we squeezed the roasted garlic and ate it with our fingers.  Diva-licious!!!!

…a Diva Dishes.  Fatty that I am, I would have spread the garlic on a baguette.  Otherwise, this meal sounds amazing!!!