Paiche — Looks Ugly, Tastes Great!


The guy at Whole Foods suggested I try paiche as an alternative to halibut.  At 1/3 the cost of halibut per pound, I figured, why not?  How bad could it be?  I served it with a quinoa pilaf that I found on the Whole Foods website.  The fish and pilaf were delicious.  Here’s the recipe I adapted for my meal:  Quinoa Pilaf.

final_300dpiThe Divas “dish” on Mimi’s dish    Mimi:  Google paiche and you’ll see what I mean by ugly.  It’s not for nothing that the reality show “River Monsters” featured this hideous fish.  UGH!  So, anyway it’s very mild and tastes great.  I used a very light touch with cajun seasoning that I rubbed on  the fillets before sauteéing them in a little olive oil.  The large tomatoes didn’t look so great so, I substituted grape tomatoes which are always sweet and diva-licious.   Sue:  Hmm  … quinoa isn’t really on my “go to” list for side dishes, but this looks like a great pilaf, especially with the spinach and tomato combo.  There’s probably a lot of different nice, mild, white fish that could be substituted in this recipe.  I think I’ll give halibut a try since my husband and I love it.


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