Mimi Makes a “Better Bean Salad”



It’s like Christmas morning for me every time I see the new issue of Bon Appétit Magazine in my mail box.  I immediately set myself to finding sides to jazz up mid-week meals.  This salad is in the August 2015 issue, click here to try it yourself:  Better Bean Salad.




The Divas “dish” on Mimi’s dish.  OK, so here’s what I had to eliminate or substitute in this recipe:  kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass stalk, a variety of beans.  I eliminated the kaffir lime leaves and used lemon grass paste and just green beans.  This was still a diva-licious dish.  This dressing is so flavorful, I’m going to make it as a “relish” for fish, chicken and pork in the future.  Sue:  The string beans were obviously blanched perfectly … just look at that color.  How can you go wrong with peanuts, ginger and lime, what flavor!! This is perfect for our Asian salmon, but maybe not for mid-week … this isn’t a salad you just throw together.



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