Guest Diva — Karen

When you’re invited to dinner at Karen and Harold’s you can count on having a great time – their recent party went well into the early morning hours, as always! Really, truly no one wants to leave. And Harold is so generous if you admire the wine, he insists you take a bottle home with you.  The evening always has a theme and without fail is beautiful. Karen is a design expert and her home and entertaining style reflect her wonderful talent. Here’s a peek at a recent party we attended.

We were so enthralled … the setting …  the guests … the wine …  the dog, I only remembered to take one picture of the food.


Karen's killer gazpacho.

Karen’s killer gazpacho.


But anyway here’s what we ate.


Our lobster wasn’t smiling …


corn on the cob slathered with butter!


Get it? Angel food…



Cartoons courtesy of (click below)
Lobster cartoon
Corn on the cob cartoon
Angel cartoon
Cake cartoon


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