Mimi Experiments with Dandelion Greens



We eat salad almost every night so I am always searching for something a little different to serve.  As always, my devotion to Bon Appétit Magazine paid off with a bitter greens salad.  Click here for the recipe to try it yourself Bitter Greens Salad.




The Divas “dish” on Mimi’s dish.  For real, how bad can any salad be that has pancetta, cheese and corn in it?  I would have raved about this but for the greens — two words on dandelion greens:  never again!  This was my first attempt at working with them and we found them tough, unpleasant, unappetizing (maybe sautéed they are better).  I am opting for the arugula the next time I make this.  Sue:  I have never had dandelion leaves in salad, only in soup.  True story:  my husband’s grandfather, who was from Naples, Italy, would pull his truck to the side of the road when dandelions were blooming and pick all of the leaves and bring them home to Mimi (my husband’s grandmother!) to add to her soups.  Diva-licious!!!


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