NYC Pasta Night at Sue’s




My daughter-in-law was bringing the baby, who is a year and a half old, over for a trip to the park.  So, I turned it into a family pasta night.  She, two of my four sons, my husband and I had a true Italian feast.  I found the pasta recipe in Food & Wine Magazine.  Just click here to try it yourself mixed pepper pasta.

In the summer vine ripe tomatoes are so sweet, this salad is a go to dish for my family.



The Divas “dish” on Sue’s dish.  I didn’t follow the pasta recipe to the letter.  I used additional olive oil and a pint of cherry tomatoes which I cooked 1/2 of with the peppers.  I like to slice the peppers lengthwise because it’s prettier.  Also, who needs cooking water when you’ve got 3-4 tbsp. of butter to melt with your pasta?  And Parmigiano Reggiano cheese makes everything better!  I also used a dark balsamic vinaigrette on the salad rather than my usual lemon vinaigrette.  Mimi:  All I can say, is you would not believe the size of the kitchen Sue creates such magnificent meals out of in NYC!  Of course, I want to eat all of this food right now!!!




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