Buck Hill Falls Men’s Member-Guest Weekend


Well, I said I would post what I cooked when my stepson and his wife visited for the Buck Hill Falls Men’s Member Guest.  Here it is  — some great successes and two total failures.

First night in Buck Hill … what else?  Ribs!  I experimented with Sweet-and-Spicy Ribs from Bon Appétit Magazine June 2015.  (Find the recipe here:  Sweet-Spicy-Ribs)  In a word:  Perfection — Fall off the bone tender and full of contrasting flavors. (Ok that’s more than one word but, they deserve it!)

Sweet- and-Spicy Ribs -- fall off the bone tender and full of contrasting flavors

I’m (almost) embarrassed to say that 4 people ate all of these ribs in one sitting.

My stepson’s favorite dinner is incomplete without these…

…and this:


A Diva “dishes”.  I am obsessed with making my pie crust.  So, what possessed me to find a new recipe and use my food processor to make the crust, when I’ve done this a thousand times?  The result was a mess that ended up in the trash.  I ran to the market and used a Pillsbury’s ready-made pie crust.  Still  tasted great but sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know.  We drank a very special bottle of wine with dinner:  Frank Family Vineyards Winston Hill Red.  It is a deep intense wine that simply exudes fruit on the palate.  It transports us back to our fun times in Napa Valley.

The Next Night

We start with another perennial favorite!

We started with another of our perennial favorites!

Thank goodness we had the tomato mozzarella salad … keep reading you’ll understand why.


It took 2 hours two days before to make this beautiful fresh pasta…

…and  a mere 5 minutes for it to turn into a ginormous, gloppy, gooey disgusting mess when I dropped it in the boiling water!!! My very first failure at fresh pasta.  Boo Hoo!  My husband rushed off for store-bought pasta because I never thought I’d need a “back-up”.  An hour later we had this:


Store bought pasta with my home-made basil pesto and grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

I redeemed myself with this:

Home made chocolate hazelnut ice cream

Home-made chocolate hazelnut ice cream



The Divas “dish” on Mimi’s food.  The great fresh pasta debacle of 2015 was a result of me not allowing the pasta to dry sufficiently before storing it in the refrigerator.  Sue says:  “Don’t feel bad about making a mistake, “live and learn”.  Believe me next time Mimi will let her pasta dry, especially on a humid day, which it was!”    My stepson said:  “For Mimi, this will  always be the weekend where she ruined the pasta.”


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