Sparkling Wine Tasting for the Bride and Groom

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We decided to do a sparkling wine tasting to select the wine that we will serve as an aperitif at my stepson Jeff and his fiancée Kristin’s rehearsal dinner.  What a great excuse to have a little wine and cheese — two things our family will never turn down!  Domaine Carneros Brut 2009 carried the evening, although the Roederer Estate Brut was a very close second.  We decided it would go better with food.

Dinner followed.

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 Find the gnocchi recipe in Bon Appetit magazine April 2014 edition.

Find the shortcake recipe in Bon Appetit May 2014 edition.

I’ve always wanted to try to make gnocchi.  Why I decided my first attempt would be right after drinking wine, I’ll never know.  (I usually don’t drink while I’m cooking so I don’t mess anything up.)  The recipe called for morels but I couldn’t find them and substituted shiitakes.  Jeff said:  “Mim when you can press the gnocchi into the roof of your mouth and it just melts, you did it the right way.”  I felt pretty good about that.  As for the dessert, the recipe did not call for rhubarb.  Jeff’s grandmother always made strawberry rhubarb and my husband and Jeff love it.  So, I took  creative license and added it to the dessert recipe.  Overall, I’d say the meal was a success.


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