Green Juice for Dinner? Maybe Not.


Seared Cod with Baby Potatoes and Green Sauce

When I saw this recipe in the April issue of Bon Appétit magazine, I couldn’t wait to try it.  I’ve been drinking green juice lately and really love it so  assumed I’d love it with fish.  I couldn’t find hake so substituted cod.  Let’s just say, I’ve discovered I am more of a butter and white wine kind of gal when it comes to fish.  Naturally, I loved the baby potatoes and greek yogurt that went with the fish.  Give the recipe a try though, you might enjoy it and you’ll certainly feel virtuous eating so healthy!!

and a Diva Dishes.  Leave it to Mimi to find a way to use that new juicer of hers to make a dinner!  I’ve been on a health kick lately but, I prefer my fruits and veggies “au natural” not juiced.  It actually does look delicious though.  Maybe I need to get a juicer after all!


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