Roast Pork Tenderloin with Carrot Romesco

From Bon Appetit Magazine April 2014

From Bon Appetit Magazine April 2014


Thanks to Bobby Flay (remember I’m a Flay-fanatic) I finally learned how to properly brown meat, which is essential to the presentation of this dish  As you can also see, the carrot romesco takes center stage.  Take the time to make this meal and you won’t regret it!!!

and a Diva Dishes.  This is a meal that you would be really proud to serve dinner guests.  Even “romesco” sounds elegant and European.  Pop open the cava and treat your guests to one hell of a meal!

Swiss Chard and Mushroom Galette



Not only is this beautiful but you were able to incorporate your leftovers (rather than wasting food like you usually do Mimi).  It’s interesting that when Mimi read the ingredients she realized that with a few tweaks she could use her leftovers.  Who knows, maybe Mimi even improved a Bon Appetit recipe!!

and a Diva Dishes.  Well Sue thank you for the vote of confidence!! Did I improve the recipe?  I don’t know but it sure was good!!

Fish Stew with Fennel and Baby Potatoes


Sue's version

Sue’s version of Bon Appetit Fish Stew April 2014


Here’s my version of the quick, healthy and tasty fish stew  — I am making this again for my family on Good Friday.  I’m sure they will love it!  I’ll skip the extra creme fraiche Mimi and stick to the 380 calorie recipe.

and a Diva Dishes.  Sue!! Lent is over!  Add that extra creme fraiche, you won’t regret it.  Here’s my version.


Mimi’s version of Bon Appetit Fish Stew April 2014