Herbed Faux-tisserie Chicken and Potatoes by Sue

It’s Buck Hill Falls and 2 degrees at 9 in the morning.  High for the day 15!!  This was the perfect day to stay in and cook.   Granddaughter Kelly ice skated all day with her dad while her sister Leslie went to the indoor pool and hot tub with her mom.


Get this recipe from bon appetit magazine March 2014!

Here’s a few tips.  Give yourself plenty of time to get the herbs ready for the chicken — it takes time and patience.  I found the recipe for the rub to be on the salty side.  Instead of a full tablespoon, I’d start with 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt.  There really weren’t enough pan drippings to baste my chicken.  So, I used  extra virgin olive oil during the first two hours.  At 2 1/2 hours, I raised the temperature 75 degrees and I basted the chicken with melted butter.  The result was beautiful brown crispy skin  and golden brown potatoes.   We all love garlic and while we were carving the chicken we squeezed the roasted garlic and ate it with our fingers.  Diva-licious!!!!

…a Diva Dishes.  Fatty that I am, I would have spread the garlic on a baguette.  Otherwise, this meal sounds amazing!!!


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