Mimi’s Christmas Brunch



Strawberry, banana, blood orange and yogurt parfait


Potato and prosciutto frittata

Poppy-seed roll and Nut Roll

For the mimosas:  fresh squeezed orange juice (used my brand new Breville juicer … new years resolution:  drink juice, get healthy and lose a few pounds) and Nicolas Feuillatte Brut (one of my favorites).  Yogurt parfait was delicious and easy — layer the fruit and yogurt and make sure it’s pretty.  Cornbread was Marc Forgione’s recipe — google it — best I’ve ever had. (I met chef Forgione on by birthday at his restaurant,  such a nice guy.  I acted  a little “groupie-ish” I’m afraid).

 Frittata was 100% Giada — go to Foodnetwork.com for the recipe it’s ridiculously good.  Mine stuck to the pan so it came to the table pan and all.  Prosciutto was one of the many delicious Christmas gifts from my stepson Jeff.  He also sent us a selection of Murray’s cheeses.  See why I’ll need to lose a few pounds in the new year?  The poppy-seed and nut rolls were a gift from my sister and her friend Doug.  All of my Polish aunts and grandmother used to bake the most delicious poppy-seed roll so I gave it a shot this year.  It was a total mess that ended up right in the trash.  Hey, what can I say?  I tried.

…and a Diva dishes.  Hey!  I recognize those red chargers from our Valentine’s Day posting and your table’s centerpiece was hanging from the chandelier for our Holiday Celebration in 2012!  Great way to recycle decorations — Mimi is so thrifty.  With food so colorful who wouldn’t want to dive into this great brunch?  I asked Mimi if the cornbread was from a mix it looked so perfect.  She said hell no, are you kidding?  That mimosa is so picture perfect with that head just about to overflow.   And of course, fresh squeezed juice with the new juicer.


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