Sue inspires Mimi’s Meatballs


I make my meatballs much differently than Sue and I wanted to see if I still liked them after tasting hers at our Italian pot luck dinner.  Beef and veal are part of the mix but I add loose sweet Italian pork sausage and ricotta cheese.  It’s just something I came up with one day and ended up liking it.  I’ll confess though, the night I made these I was feeling lazy and didn’t make my sauce — I used two different kinds of Prego:  meat and basil flavored.  Do I still like my version?  Yes!  Do I still like Sue’s version?  Yes!  As Sue says:  “variety is the spice of life”.

…and a “Diva Dishes”.

Sacrilege!  Mimi used tomato sauce from a jar AND  told everyone!  I can’t believe she took a shortcut.  Anyway, I can’t imagine using sauce from a jar.  I’ve also never heard of mixing ricotta cheese in with the meat.  Maybe I’ll try that … nah probably not.  I’ll stick with the way the original Mimi (my husband’s grandmother) taught me to make them.  It’s been a hit for 40+ years.


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