Mimi, Julia, Jacques and Boeuf Bourguignon


Julia Child’s recipe for boeuf bourguignon has always intimidated me — so many steps and I didn’t know what pork salt was!!!  I remembered a phenomenal cookbook in my library co-authored by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin and decided to give it a shot.  She and Jacques provide step by step instructions  on preparing this dish.  Indeed, there are many steps.  Julia says, you could make this dish while off playing a game of tennis.  (Love her but, really?)  I devoted an afternoon to following the recipe to the letter.  The meal was worth the effort!!  The best part?  Leftovers for another night.  The moral of the story is:  FEAR NO RECIPE!! Just dive right in and do it.



…and a “Diva Dishes”.

Years ago, my son Johnny and I made this together and I haven’t made it since — it’s just a hell of a lot of work.  Now, I make a red wine based Tuscan beef stew, which is somewhat similar and equally delicious.  This reminds me of the movie Julie & Julia where the girl cooks every recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Julie (played by Amy Adams) makes Julia’s boeuf bourguignon and exclaims gosh darn that’s good!  We both agree!


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