Tuscany and Tastings on the North Fork

Sannino Vineyard Bed and Breakfast.  Our stay in the Tuscan Suite was perfect.

A memorable Autumn celebration captured in these photos.

...which even included Long Island fresh shucked oysters!!

…which even included Long Island freshly shucked oysters!!

I often recommend Paumanok Sauvignon Blanc and was excited to visit the vineyard.  The tasting did not disappoint!  The woman pouring for us was very friendly. On her advice we went to McCall Vineyards and loved the whole experience there.  But first, we checked out the Village Cheese Shop in Mattituck.  It is a  “must” if you are out and about.  Their selection is huge and includes locally produced cheese.  Finally, we headed to the destination I had been waiting for, Shinn Estate Vineyards.  I love drinking their rosé during the hot summer months.  Shinn has an understated sophisticated vibe (maybe a little more Napa than North Fork).  It was a great day of exploring.  Here’s everything we bought:

2011 Paumanok Chardonnay (a perfect complement to sole meunière  that I made this week)

2010 Paumanok Merlot

2010 McCall Cabarnet Franc (loved it so much had it for dinner with the cheese Sunday night)

2012 Shinn Estate Vineyards Coalescence ( a fascinating blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling)

2010 Shinn Estate Vineyards  Malbec (a limited production wine that we couldn’t resist)

Goat Cheese ( as creamy and rich as can be )

Sigit Cheese from Mecox Bay Dairy (a hard cheese with a nice bite and slight crunchiness — DELICIOUS!!)

...to waiting for sunset in the vineyard.

Relaxing in the vineyard … waiting for sunset … indulging in an impromptu dinner that Anthony Sannino shared with us from the harvest festival … savoring a bottle of 2010 Sannino Prima Rossa.  Perfect end to a perfect day.

No photos of a beautiful sunrise from the Tuscan Suite today!!! It was cold and overcast.  We drove to Orient Point.  It takes your breath away even on a cloudy windy day.   We’ll return to enjoy its beauty when the weather is warmer.  Next stop:  Greenport, a nice little town to wander in for an hour or two checking out shops and having lunch (unless you eat the massive delicious breakfast at Sannino Bed and Breakfast then NO LUNCH for you!)  On to Sparkling Pointe where we had a lovely elegant experience with a friendly and knowledgable young lady pouring the wine.   Of course we couldn’t miss a tasting at the Sannino Winery!  Just as we anticipated it was warm, inviting, friendly … every single positive thing you can say about a tasting.  And, of course, from the previous day we were already fans of the Prima Rossa.

Here’s a list of the wine we brought home from this day of tasting.

2009 Sparkling Pointe Brut

2009 Sparkling Pointe Blanc de Blanc

2010 Sannino Prima Rossa

2010 Sannino Cabarnet Franc

A day full of exploring and wine tasting ends with a wine and cheese dinner on the terrace overlooking the vineyard.

A  full day exploring and tasting that ended with wine and cheese on the terrace overlooking the vineyard — heavenly!

The day we were leaving  — sunshine and brilliant blue skies.  We reluctantly left Sannino Bed and Breakfast but it was the perfect day to check out the abundant produce at the farmstands of the North Fork.


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