Sue’s Tri-colored Peppers over Spaghetti


Believe me, I’ve made this a million times. It was a “go to” meal when my boys were growing up.  We’d all sit out on the front porch of our home in Forest Hills with candles lit, plates of pasta and salad (wine for mom and dad, of course) and celebrate the first warm evenings of the season.  It’s a super easy dinner that’s economical, pretty and doesn’t require you to heat up your kitchen. The warm weather is here finally.  Yay!  So who the heck wants to spend their evening slaving over a hot stove?

Tri-Colored Peppers over Spaghetti

Arugula and Baby Greens Herb Mix Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette

Ciabatta Bread

Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Shavings

Your favorite white or red wine

Follow the Diva to our website for a dinner that delicious and a snap to throw together on a Wednesday.



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