Mimi Celebrates the Holidays (3-5 Guests)


Christmas Started in Brooklyn…

Brooklynites who don’t have a “wfp” (working fireplace) plug the Christmas tree in right next to the yule log on the TV.   Classy!  Our morning started with my 28-year-old stepson Jeff, who gives the greatest gifts.  He challenged my cooking skills with an assortment of duck products.  (I had to google duck rillettes to figure out what to do with them.)  My husband treated us to authentic “Christmas Vacation” moose mugs for our morning orange juice.  Again, classy just like his  treasured collection of Christmas toys under our tree.  (This is a family – friendly website so I won’t tell you what they actually do.)  Today is a marathon of eating and drinking so we had juice, coffee and fresh-baked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls while we exchanged gifts.


Our cat , Bogey, gets in on the Christmas action.


Our Christmas Continues …

in our beautiful mountain top  community of Buck Hill Falls.  My sister and her friend were joining us for Christmas Brunch.

Christmas Brunch


Banana Bread with Whipped Cream Cheese

Scrambled Eggs on Potato Pancakes 

topped with 

Crisped Duck Rillettes

Mom’s Mocha Drops



Follow the diva to our website for the “how to” on putting together a diva-worthy  holiday brunch.




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