About Us




An always fun,  sometimes forgetful grandmother of six meets a focused and organized former JPMorgan lawyer / exec  who is a perfectionist.   

Clash of the divas?  Yes, sometimes.  No matter, we still throw the most unforgettable, fabulous celebrations ever!

Neighbors wait for an invitation to our parties (“the social event of the season”).  We’ve bribed people with a bottle of champagne to get them to leave as the sun was rising.  Guests have braved a blizzard, snow shoeing to our houses to attend holiday festivities.

So, for all you DIY, at home entertainers, we’ll show you how to throw a “diva-worthy” celebration.  Whether it’s a special occasion or a just “the week is half over” Wednesday dinner, we always celebrate with flair.

Follow this blog for the story.  Follow the Diva to our website for the “how to”.  Discover everything you need to know about throwing a party with Everyday Diva Celebrations style.


Send us your thoughts!

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